Why one should purchase a Singer 7258 sewing machine

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Why one should purchase a Singer 7258 sewing machine

The singer 7258 is about to become the best among singer machines. It has lots of accessories, positive reviews and its favorite button makes it the prize winning machine. If one is looking for a sewing machine then probably you have to look at this machine. Whether one is looking for a brand new, replacement or even a gift for someone, no regrets guaranteed on purchase of these machine.

There are a number of factors to consider when looking for a sewing machine and it will cost one a lot of time in selecting the correct set of stitches this will be the most paining time to make a choice. This is because it will not be possible to add more of the sewing stiches at a later time. One will be stuck with what your choice will be hence the need to make research on accessories about those which are must have and those one can do without. Like if one purchases a machine that do not have satin crescent stiches, he/she will never have the ability to make a line of the form satin crescent ever with that machine.

The set of sewing stiches that come with the machine completely define the kind of stiches one is bound to make using the machine. The singer 7258 machi9ne has 100 build in stiches among this it has 6 styles of one step buttonhole to allow one have lots of options for his/her project.

Basing stiches are known as utility stiches and they are the steppingstones for all the sewing. Both zigzag and straight stiches must have utility stiches including their slighter variations. Stretch stiches and the blind hem are other common utility stiches. The stich patters mostly are stuck or printed on the sewing machine to facilitate quick finding of ones desired pattern.

The singer machine comes along with a great variation of presser feet. It has an 8 snap on style presser feet, which is a plus more than most machines that fall its price range. This presser feet can be purchased separately from the machine. The point that this comes alongside singer 7258 should be considered when buying a sewing machine. The general purpose foot, satin stich foot, zipper foot, rolled hem feet among other are examples of stiches you find on a Singer 7258 sewer.

Latest technology has been incorporated on the singer 7258 machine. It is a computerized machine but has the easiest control simples that can easily be mastered. The machines come with start/stop button in combination with speed control slider which will help one sew without using a foot pedal. The needle up/down machine helps keep the needle way up or down when one stops sewing according to how you program it. This will help not to do any re positioning when sewing corners.

The machine operates quietly. It possesses a sturdy construction and has very smooth, pretty and even stiches, start/stop, needle up/ down and speed control buttons that wills see to it that you work easily and effectively. For learners they will enjoy easy use of jam proof bobbin.

Although its foot press is not adjustable, it is automatic though. It also offers maximum 5mm stich width as others offer 7mm but a plus is its 25 year warranty on the head, 5 years on motors and 1 year on adjustments. Singer 7258 is a must buy sewing machine