Ice Maker Machine: The Most Convenient Way Of Producing Ice

Musica Yescena

Ice Maker Machine: The Most Convenient Way Of Producing Ice

If you frequently use ice at home or in your business and the refrigerator’s freezer is not enough to supply the demand, purchasing an ice maker is an excellent move. But before you look for icemakercubes, there are certain factors you have to consider in helping you decide which among the many types of ice makers in the market is the best for you.

Ice makers are the most convenient approach in producing ice. There are different types of ice makers in the market, and with so many brands and models around, there surely is one that best fits your requirement. It is important that you know the demand of ice on per day or a per week basis, and from there check which among the brands can produce the demand. There are ice makers that are meant for industrial and heavy use, while there are also ice makers that are designed for home use.

  • Manitowoc NEO UR-0140A Air Cooled 129 Lb Regular Cube Undercounter Ice Machine: This machine is one of the best-sellers when it comes to commercial or industrial use. With its capacity to come up with almost 129 pounds of regular cube ice per day (24 hours), there surely be no way you will run out of ice supply. This equipment has an air-cool feature and has an efficient draining function.

· Avanti IM12-IS Portable Countertop Ice maker:

If you need an ice maker at home, this model has got to be your bet as it ranks as one of the best when it comes to portable and lightweight ice maker machine. This machine can produce up to 26 pound of ice per day (24 hours). This must-have home appliance has a large water tank and big ice storage unit. It can produce small and big ice cubes.
One important consideration when looking for an ice maker is the shape and type of the ice it produces. There are ice makers that produce one to two types of ice, while there are ice makers that can produce various sizes of ice.

  • Full cube: Also known as medium cube, his type of ice has an equal height, width and depth. Mostly used in restaurants because it can rapidly cool beverage.
  • Half cube: This type of ice is ideally used in beverage vending machines because the half-cut makes it easy to dispense.
  • Nugget: This type of ice has a rounded feature. This is ideally used in restaurants because of its fast liquid displacement which means less amount of beverage (water or soda) in the glass.
  • Flakes: Similar to the ones used in snow cones, this type of ice is commonly used in food, dessert, salad, and drink display, or in the kitchen to keep the vegetables, meat and seafood always fresh.