Top 3 Rowing Machines

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Top 3 Rowing Machines

Apart from price, there are different things that one has to consider before buying a rowing machine. Some of them include available space and work effectiveness. It will not be wise to shop for a rowing machine only for you to realize there is no space within your room or the machine does not perform its work effectively as thought in the first place. After putting all this into consideration, some of the best rowing machines that you can shop for include the following

Sunny rowing machine

Sunny rowing machine has 12 resistance levels as well as a silent rowing feature hence you should not worry about training in a noisy environment. Despite it being among the low priced rowing machines within the market, its performance is something that will leave you smiling all day. It also comes with pivoting footplates for provision of extra comfort to its users and wholly adjustable foot straps. The padded seat that accompanies this machine is yet another feature that will make you to fall in love with it. Furthermore, it has an electronic monitor that assists in displaying calories burned by the user and the rowing strokes made in the process. The magnetic resistance helps in engaging your body in action while at the same time protecting you from experiencing pain within your joints. Using the device is very simple because it is not only a lightweight machine but also mobile. Nevertheless, the lightweight nature does not prevent it from holding sturdily to the ground though.

Stamina 1215 orbital

If you are looking for a budget friendly device then you should order for Stamina 1215 orbital. With this device, you can burn between 300- 600 calories within an hour. It features an adjustable hydraulic resistance that assists in the provision of full work out within your body. Therefore, the gadget can provide you with the best results within the shortest period. The five resistance levels provided on the machine allows for easy control throughout the training session. While using the rowing machine, you can stretch your legs and arms freely while your elbows flexing with every row in order to engage the abdominal muscles in action. It also features a padded seat for provision of ultimate comfort to its users. You should not hesitate buying this rowing machine because of your weight now that it can support up to 250lbs. The single button console on the gadget helps in tracking speed, distance, time miles burned and number of rows.

Life span fitness RW 1000

Life span fitness RW 1000 is just one in its own class because of its design. With this device, you can tone your back, legs, shoulders as well as arms without experiencing any form of joint pain. The solid construction makes the rowing machine durable. The Life span fitness RW 1000 also features five resistance levels with a magnetic brake system. It can support users weighing up to 300 lbs. Unlike other machines within the market, it has padded handles textured to allow for easy gripping even when your hands seem to sweat greatly.