Types of Ink Used by Inkjet Printers

There are plenty of ink options to choose from for your next digital printing project. To attain the results you want, it’s paramount that you choose carefully and get the right fit for your application. If you are tight on budget, it can be very demoralizing to find the best ink for your needs. This is even made worse if you are shopping for the very first time. Even so, researching on sites such as https://www.needham-ink.com/ can help you make a more informed decision and one that is right for your needs. This article looks at some of the different ink types used by inkjet printers to give you a better understanding of them.

Dye-based Ink

These types of Ink are mostly used for day to day printing of documents. Their saturation levels and color vibrancy makes them ideal for also printing photos, colorful reports, and invitations. The only downside to dye-based ink is the fact that colors may fade as time goes by.

Pigment-based ink

It’s made from suspending fine color pigments in liquid. During the drying process, as the liquid evaporates, the particles of the fine powder form a continuous film allowing the ink to bond well on the printing surface. That makes the ink more long-lasting and also improves its color. Such inks can be used for printing documents or photographs. If used under perfect conditions, the ink can last for more than one hundred years and even two hundred on certain printing papers.

It’s also a great option for printing signs and stickers because it’s drying properties make it easy to print on slick or non-porous surfaces. They have better resistance to UV light and water compared to dye-based inks. Even so, it is more expensive than dye-based ink and lacks the broad color range and brightness of the latter.

Solvent ink

They are pigment based but also contain fickle organic solvents. Ideal for home or office use, solvent inks dry through rapid evaporation, which is not fast enough for commercial use. They can print on uncoated vinyl and also come with a wide range of pulsating colors.

They are mostly used on adhesive decals, banners, billboards, and vehicle graphics. They do not require additional coatings since they are fade-resistant, durable, and waterproof. However, they require a well-ventilated area to print because of their fumes, which can be hazardous.

UV Ink

UV inks are used with UV inkjet printers that cure the ink through ultraviolet light. They do not evaporate and dry through exposure to a strong beam of UV light. These inks use pigment or dye-based colorants and are ideal if you want quick prints because of their instantaneous drying capability. They are mostly used in trade-show displays, banners, and large posters.