Technologies That Are Changing The World

In the 20th century, people predicted that by the mid-21st century, flying cars and talking robots would be the norm. This has not come to fruition, but there have been massive strides in technology. Current developments in technology have made it easier for further innovations to take place. Technologies such as regenerative medicine, cryptocurrency, and genetic engineering can permanently change the future of human beings.

Regenerative medicine

The concept is akin to a storyline from a fiction movie, but scientists are indeed working on the production of body parts that can be ordered on demand. Researchers can grow the stem cells from the body part required, and germinate them in a petri dish. The body parts eventually grow and mature and can be used by the patient. One company, Organovo, has already made a 3-D printer proficient enough to print body parts. In the future, regenerative medicine will become mainstream and deal with the issue whereby patients pass on because they cannot undergo lifesaving organ replacement due to scarcity.


The value of one bitcoin is worth a couple of thousand dollars, and at some point in 2018, the value was estimated at $19000. It is not a popular method of financial transactions today, but its climb has gained traction ever since it was introduced to the world in the last decade. Currently, some of the most significant hedge funds are in bitcoin, to indicate how popular bitcoin is becoming. The world is quickly moving towards a cashless transaction, and cryptocurrency is the preferred option.

Genetic engineering

The ability to engineer the genetic makeup of living things is pivotal towards the development of technology and the quality of human life. Notably, advances have been made towards the elimination of genetic conditions that have left many human beings at the mercy of their ailments. For instance, CRISPR Is a development that promises to do away with conditions such a Huntington’s disease. It is a technology that can portion genes identify and eliminate altered forms of DNA. Further, the technology can replace the deleted genes with non-mutated forms of the gene. It will change the future because it will make some genetic mutations extinct, as well as conditions that arise from the mutations of genes, such as some types of cancer. Getting a great post to read on genetic engineering is important if you want to learn more.