Most Essential Handy Equipment For Medical Professionals

Stethoscope is the most popular and essential medical equipment that is useful for all the medical practitioners. Whether you are a medical student or a qualified doctor, you will need stethoscope for diagnosis and treatments. It is an auditory device which is helpful for listening internal sound waves of humans as well as animals. It is also capable of transmitting sounds of various body organs like heart, liver, lungs, intestines and sound of breathing and flow of blood. Since, there are varieties of stethoscopes in the market so it is sometimes confusing for the medical practitioners to pick the right stethoscope for them.  If you are also among those medical practitioners, check website to get the reviews of different types of stethoscope.

Common types of stethoscopes

Most common models of stethoscopes which are available for the medical professionals include acoustic stethoscope, electronic stethoscope, recording stethoscope and fetal stethoscope. These stethoscopes differ from each other on the basis of their design, chest piece and diaphragm, tubing, headsets and stems.  While buying the stethoscope, it is very important to consider these parts for making the right selection.

Among the mentioned types of stethoscopes, acoustic stethoscope is the best one. It is widely popular and used by most of the medical professionals. Sound waves are transmitted from diaphragm up to the earpiece with the help of several hollow tubes. In the acoustic models, there are two sides of chest piece i.e Diaphragm and bell. Diaphragm is the flat side of the stethoscope while bell is the opposite portion of diaphragm.  For the delivering sound waves of high frequencies, diaphragm is responsible while the bell is responsible for identifying low frequencies.

Advanced stethoscope

Innovations in the design and functionality of stethoscope are attributed to the advancement in science and technology. Electronic stethoscope is the most advanced version of stethoscope still it is not much popular because many medical professionals are not aware of its functionality. It is ideally used by the medical professionals who are experienced in the medical field and have learned its usage effectively. This type of stethoscope is called as stethophone. Body sound waves are converted into electronic signals with the help of electronic transducers. These digital sound waves are then amplified to make it easy for the listeners to listen and understand the sound waves clearly. Recording stethoscope is a type of electronic stethoscope which is capable of recording the sound waves. Thus, it enables the doctors to listen unusual sound waves anytime.