Human Effort: The Ideal Instagress Alternative

Human Effort - The Ideal Instagress Alternative

Now that Instagress is gone, people who chose the automation tool are crying for alternatives. Some continue to resort to bots, while others give up on the journey. Well, you should opt for alternatives instead of raising the white flag.

Spam Comments

One funny aspect of Instagram bots is that most followers and commenters you will get are spam. Take a picture of your new car, and someone will say “Cool picture!” And if you share your dog’s crap, and someone is likely to say “Awesome!” Yes, it is that bad, so you may want to re-think your Instagress alternative properly. Most automation tools only grow your account superficially, but it will never be able to produce a micro-community for you.

Security Breaches

There are hackers out there that mask themselves through a bot program. Some may install undesirable programs on your computer, and others hack your account. If you would like to be safe, refrain from choosing the wrong automation tool.

Potential Ban

Utilizing Instagram automation tools is against the Instagram Terms of Use. Thus, the platform has the right to ban you if you get caught, which means that you will lose all your progress in the end. In fact, the reason why Instagress shut down is that it is against the platform policy. Also, it is possible that Instagram will continue to shut down other Instagram bots. Thus, you may not want to end up in the same fate as Instagress, so refrain from using them.

Human Hands Grow Accounts Better

Some experiments show that growing accounts on your own is much better than letting the bots take over. You get an authentic follower base and the comments on your posts will make sense. Unlike with bots, where you will only have a fake community full of spam.

Instagress Alternatives

The best Instagress alternatives are filters, social media management applications, hashtag monitors, and location monitors. Of course, this assumes that you intend to grow your account on your own. However, if you are stubborn enough to opt for bots, visit The Small Business Blog as they have legit suggestions.


Overall, Instagress may just have gotten what it deserved, since it is against Instagram’s policies. However, one has to think up of alternatives for the bots they used. Well, the best solution is to grow your account on your own. Although there are still other bots that you can use, these are highly discouraged.