How to Leverage Instagram for Travel Marketing

Marketing is essential to every business, whether service or product marketing. You use marketing to grow your horizons and explore new opportunities in the travel industry.

The travel and hospitality industry is similar to any other niche and requires marketing in equal measure. New opportunities such as solo adventurers, documentary makers and travel writers have risen over the past few years, which require a new platform to connect with travellers and share information with enthusiasts.

This is where Instagram comes in. Instagram takes digital marketing to a whole new level. Social media marketing isn’t all about looking for new ways to promote your business, but to connect with your customers as well.

As we talk, customers are becoming more and more enlightened and want nothing short of the best customer experience. This makes it even more critical to give people and peek into your travel business.

Why Choose Instagram?

A lot of travel brands are promoting their businesses on Instagram and for the right reasons as well. For instance, many of the businesses are getting customers from this platform. Travel writers are getting traffic to their blogs the easy way through this platform, making money in the process.

Using Instagram allows you to engage with your existing customers while getting the attention of potential consumers.

How Can You Make it Happen on Instagram?

You can use different strategies to make travel marketing work for you on Instagram.

    1. Provide Real-time Updates

Using the latest feature – Instagram Stories, you can have a real-time travel book right on your page. Before you make use of these Stories, make sure you have a strategy in mind. For one, have enough content to last a series. This requires you to identify a topic and work towards it. For instance, you can document your hiking experience on a popular train from start to finish.

    1. Use Different Kinds of Content

When it comes to catching the user’s attention, you need to use both video and images. You can have images depict static experiences, while video depicts a process.

    1. Influence People to Get Off the Couch

Travel companies have taken to Instagram to influence people to traverse the globe as they promote certain destinations. Your role is to make sure that you tell people about the destinations that you promote. Well, who wouldn’t want to travel to the destination after seeing all those images that you post regarding a certain destination?

One of the ways to set yourself apart is by making sure you are an authority in the niche. This is only possible if you have numbers. You need to have a large number of active followers that are ready to engage you and share your experiences. You can get these by using a tool that automates the process of following and unfollowing users. Check the top automation tools at SWS Magazine to use for this process.

The Bottom-line

Instagram is one of the top platforms to market your travel company. Follow these top tips to expand your brand, and get more clients for your services.