How to Find the Right Pet Gate

Buying a pet gate for your dog calls for a lot of considerations. It is important to understand your dog’s habits and its anatomy so as to make the right decision. Certain dog breeds are good climbers and escape artists. Therefore, as much as confining dogs with a pet gate may keep them from unwanted areas; it may not work so well with all the breeds. Thus, understanding the anatomy of your dog can help you get the best gate for them.  Before you buy a pet gate, it is imperative that you take some factors into account. With so many different pet gates available in the market, it can be hard to find one that best meets your needs.


There are different types of indoor pet gates that you can use to keep your pet away from unwanted areas. There are three major types which include pressure mounted dog gates, free standing dog gates and hardware-mounted gates. You can choose the type you want depending on what works best for your home and your pet.


The size of your dog will also play a role when buying a pet gate. It is simple to find pet gates for small breeds whereas it can be quite daunting to find a pet gate for a larger breed. Larger breeds require tall and sturdy barriers that cannot be easily knocked over or climbed. However, remember that you will also need to get through the gate yourself, thus, choose a gate that you can easily pass through and one that can lock itself behind you.

Mix of large and small pets

If you are a pet lover with a whole bunch of pets in your home, it can be frustrating to balance which pets to keep on which side of the gate. The larger pets can easily jump over small pets whereas the small pets cannot maneuver past large gates. If such is the situation in your home, you can purchase a large pet gate with small pass-through doors for the smaller pets that you don’t intend to confine on one end.

Overall, you should always remember that the pet gates are meant to keep your pets’ safe while in the house or keep them away from rooms you think they should not access. If not so sure on what to look for, you can gather more information from any pet related website so as to make an informed decision. Even though finding the right pet gate can be a bit tasking, you will be happy once you find one that perfectly fits your needs.