How to Avoid Health Problems Associated with Working at a Desk for Long Hours

SItting at a desk the whole day for at least seven days a week can bring forth unwanted complications to your body. Unfortunately, this is the sad reality that the majority of modern-day workers are facing. Sitting in front of a computer has become the norm in any modern day office. According to health experts, your metabolism slows down as a result of minimal or no movement. This in turn significantly slashes the amount of food broken down into energy, thus, promoting conditions such as obesity, diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease among others as a result of fat accumulation. Having said that, you can follow the tips below to improve your health if your work entails sitting for long hours in front of a computer.

Stand Up

Sitting for long brings about fatigue and your muscles can stiffen. You can boost your health by replacing about twenty-five percent of the time you spend sitting by standing. One way of achieving that is by implementing standing workstations or having adjustable desks at your workplace. That way, you can swap between sitting and standing as you strive to hit your targets. On the other hand, if you can’t afford the stand-up or adjustable workstation, feel free to prop your computer on top of a printer or a stack of books. For those working at home, you can overturn your trash can or place the computer on top of your mini-fridge. Do whatever it takes to swap between sitting and standing as often as you can.


It is recommended that your computer should be at the same level with your eyes regardless of whether you are sitting or standing. No wonder most office workers experience neck and back pain frequently. Luckily, there are exercises you can carry out to relieve the pain and the strain on your neck. One of such exercises include neck traction, and it helps to release the tension and relieve the pressure on muscles around your neck. There are numerous traction devices you can use to exercise your neck and relieve neck pain in a quick and efficient manner. Visit to sample some of the different traction devices you can acquire if you need to relieve neck pain and improve your posture.


Do not let your chair imprison you. Whereas the present-day office is centered around sitting at a desk where you can almost do anything without much effort, make it a habit to stand up, walk around, and exercise regularly. This will help you to avoid most of the complications associated with sitting for an extended time and help to improve your overall health.