How to Achieve SEO Freedom

Hiring a competent article writer is one of the steps towards SEO freedom and success. With the right content creator you are sure to build a credible presence online. With all the major search engines releasing new rules and regulations regarding the kind of content required for successful SEO, older methods don’t work at all.

Before these developments came into force, hundreds of thousands of “article writers” flooded the internet. Thy enticed clients with promises of excellent converting content at a throwaway price. They were jack of all trades, ready to write a recipe or a product review. Some merely copied existing content the n spun it. This led to a drastic reduction in quality of content on the web.

The quality vs. the quality of content was so alluring at first, but as we speak business owners are shying away from these techniques because the search engines are now looking at just not quality but high quality content. These companies won’t hesitate to penalize websites that implement such unethical practices. So, is the content writer you just recruited going to give you the quality you deserve to be at the top? Here are some pointers for someone you should keep away from.

Plagiarized Content

This is the single most strategy to take your website ranking from page one to well, any other page. Stealing another person’s content is a no-no when it comes to creating content.

Any plagiarism detected by the web crawler that analyses the content demotes your website to a page that won’t be relevant to anyone anymore. This makes it harder for users to find you – there goes the sales and traffic. Before you can post any content, make sure you check the samples that the writer has provided for plagiarism. You can use any of the top-rated plagiarism checking programs that tell you what percentage has been copied from the original article.

Spun Content

To make a quick buck, many writers opt to spin existing content. Spinning is all about replacing existing words with other related words. This usually results into content that doesn’t read or flow properly. The content is also full of grammatical and contextual errors. Avoid content writers that promise hundreds of articles in just a few minutes. Work with a reliable provider that provides documentation on past successes.

The Lowdown

Your content determines how your site ranks on search engine results pages. Poor quality content takes you lower the pecking order. Always opt for high quality content.