Healthy Sandwich Ideas for your Wedding

Healthy Sandwich Ideas for your Wedding

Wait! Sandwiches for your big day? Why not! After all, it is the memories that count. Still, you have to be a little bit more creative to pull this one off. These ideas will help you get started.

Chunky Chickpea Salad

With a food processor, lightly chop chickpeas, celery, and onion. Add the ingredients to some lemon juice, vinegar, and cider. You may sprinkle a little salt or pepper to taste. This mixture will result in a delicious and protein-packed spread to add to your whole grain spread. You may stack the bread with caramelized onions or fresh spinach. Some of the bread brands you may use include EarthGrains, Sunbeam, and Sara Lee.

Avocado and Chicken Club Sandwich

The avocado and chicken club sandwich combines multiple flavors and textures. Use crispy prosciutto to replace the usual bacon, butter, and mashed potatoes. Be sure to add a few green leaves such as spinach as a creative way to get the children to earthier greens. How about that sandwich with avocado as a source of unsaturated fat, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids to celebrate the National Sandwich Day? Yummy and healthy!

Turkey Combined with Apple Pita Pocket

You can save loads of cash and still manage to prepare healthy sandwiches by roasting your meat. Turkey is not only easy to cook but can also enable you to make a day’s worth of sandwiches and salads. Be sure to pair the turkey with some cheese to make your sandwich more balanced. Kraft singles and Ritz Bits cheese brands would be perfect for this sandwich.

Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Sandwich

Forget what you’ve heard that a chicken sandwich has to be Mayo-laden. You can substitute the Mayo with nonfat Greek yogurt while maintaining the same text and tang that you like to savor and keep the calories down as well.  You can tuck this special salad in a pita pocket, on top of a toasted English muffin or over a bed of lettuce.

Veggies and Hummus Sandwich

Never mind the name, but you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy the veggies and hummus sandwich. Hummus and vegetables offer fiber and protein your guests need to stay fueled throughout the day. The layers of veggies provide crunch and flavor as well. Toast the loaf, spread one tablespoon of hummus on each slice of the bread before layering up your vegetables. Enjoy the sandwich while you’re at it!

Top it Off with a Wedding Singer!

Now that you have found ways to ensure that your guests have something to eat, it is time to look for a wedding singer. Be sure to visit to view the services of James Barlow and how he can fit into your big day’s schedule.

In conclusion, it is essential to mention that while there is no problem with having sandwiches during your wedding, you should only consider them as accompaniments. Prepare or order other meals. Remember, it is your ceremony, and the least you can do those in attendance is to ensure that everyone has a good, tasty meal.