Fake vs. Real Instagram Followers: What’s Better?

As a social network that millions of people visit daily, Instagram is a venue that allows you to be a top gun in your chosen niche. Knowing how to market effectively is a smart approach — and one that could help significantly elevate your brand and crush your competition.

To climb to the top, first, you must establish a solid presence on the network. If you have a lineup of followers, you’re on your way.

Then again, if you look closely on the quality of your followers, are you certain you’re on your way?

Fake Followers

Having thousands — or even millions — of followers is advantageous. The huge number will increase other people’s confidence in your brand.

Oh, this Instagram account has 40,000+ followers. People trust this account, so maybe I should follow their lead,” they would say.

But if your Instagram account’s followers are mostly fake followers, that’s another story.

While people’s confidence increases when they see your high follower account, this confidence is likely to dwindle instantaneously. Once they dig deeper into you and discover that your followers are fake, they can ditch you immediately.

It’s a big turn-off because your aim seems to be all about vanity. And even if you view things from a business angle, having fake followers is quite pointless.

Fake followers won’t boost sales, at all. They will only be there for you without a clear purpose.

The Real Deal

Real followers, on the other hand, just might. And the fact that this type of followers CAN boost sales makes it the winning contender.

Real followers are real people. They are genuinely interested in your brand and your offer.

There’s no such thing as buying real followers for two reasons:

(1) These people can’t be bought
(2) These people are the ones who come to you

Real followers approach you because you’re easy-to-approach. You attract them organically.

This means you’ve done a pretty good job on your Instagram account. You’re A-okay when it comes to search engine optimization, geotargeting, providing quality and engaging content, and so much more.

The Verdict

So, between fake and real followers, it’s clear that real followers on Instagram are the better option — a much better option, indeed.

Buying followers — even if they are real people — on Instagram is not recommended because it doesn’t increase the value of your Instagram account. If you’re on the verge of establishing a long-term goal, it’s definitely not the way to go.

You can find more information here: https://fredharrington.com/can-you-buy-real-instagram-followers/