Do You Need Instagram as an Author?

With more than 800 million visitors a month, you must be wondering whether Instagram is the best platform to market your books. After all, the main content of a book is text as compared to images and video, which is the mainstay of Instagram.

Words form the lifeline of every facet of a writer’s work. You use words to communicate stories, and you need them to put everything else in place. You might be wondering whether there is space for you on Instagram, there is. As an author, you need to be on Instagram, and you need to use it to market your books for several reasons.

Find Free Reviewers for Your Book

This is self-explanatory. When you have followers on Instagram, chances are that they will be willing to read your book and leave comments. Through the truthful reviews, you can make amends or push the book for sale. As they review, other people pick up interest in the book, which ultimately leads to more sales.

Marketing and Promotion

You can use Instagram to promote your latest book. You can do this by hosting a contest where a few winners get a free copy of the book. To make it more interesting, you can ask the audience to submit photos of anything that revolves around the theme of the book.

Contests are some of the best ways to get your book out to the masses without incurring heavy advertising costs.

There is no better place to promote the new book cover than on your Instagram feed. Book covers represent the most powerful tools to use to attract an audience. Many times, readers have been attracted to a book just because of the cover of the book. This forms a reason to come up with the best cover art you can so as to get more readers buying the book.

Engage Your Fans

Nothing beats writer’s block like engaging with your fans. As you talk to them, you can get inspired to write a few more paragraphs or even complete the remaining part of the book!

You can also engage your fans on anything and everything ranging from research to fun items. Doing this can easily attract a ton of followers or give you the inspiration you need for the next book. Check out to find out how to engage fans easily.

Give Readers a Peek into Your Life

You don’t have to reveal everything about your life to your readers, but a few images showing your recent vacation or a weekend trip to the beach can make you get noticed.

Readers like to see what the real you look like when you aren’t behind the desk writing the next masterpiece. The more you show your fans your other side, the more they become inclined to follow you and engage you on a more personal level regarding your work.

In Closing

It doesn’t take a lot of convincing to see that Instagram gives you more than just a place to catch up with friends. It has great potential when it comes to the marketing of your book and engaging your readers.