Choosing a Perfume for your Woman? Golden Tips to Follow

The type of fragrance a woman wears says a lot about her character and approach to life. Selecting the right fragrance for your woman is, therefore, a personal experience that should depend on several factors. You may realize that many people go for the perfume with the most attractive package or the one that adorns the highest price. However, in the end, these may not reveal the individual personality of the user.

It is advisable to take the time to know the taste of your woman, her habits, and her approach to life before you could pick a fragrance for her. You can read more about women fragrances at Here are top guidelines to follow:

How does she spend her days?

If she is an executive, she will most likely spend most hours in the office with colleagues. In that case, a subtle fragrance would be the best option. You may go for a delicate musk or a light floral, but ensure that it remains close to the skin. On the other hand, if she’s an active woman, always on the go outdoors, then a fresh and natural scent would be the ideal option. You may choose a unisex aqua fragrance or a bright citrus. For a domestic woman who enjoys homemaking, an expressive fragrance is suitable, as this would reveal her qualities and hobbies.

What are her interests?

Consider the activities that your woman would take part in, as this could give you a better idea of what actually make her stand out. For example, activities such as musical performances and gallery launchings would require unique and spicy fragrances. For an outgoing personality, you could choose fruity scents like the sweet raspberry. On the other side, a woman who is reserved and mature could match floral or food-scented fragrances. Examples include lavender or vanilla.

How old is your woman?

Women in their teens and early twenties appreciate fragrances for their celebrities. A woman in her thirties will incline towards contemporary fragrances by well-liked designers, while a mature woman would appreciate typical fragrances for a signature scent.

What are her favorites?

When you choose a perfume for your woman, go for what she loves, not what you personally love. Pay attention to the aromas she wears currently. You could determine this by the types of bath soaps she uses to give you an idea of what she already likes.