Are You a Service-based Business? Here is How to Break the Instagram Curse

Service-based businesses find it more challenging leveraging the benefits of social networks such as Instagram. One of the causes is lack of the right guidance.

Most of the brands that dominate Instagram are product-based brands. Let us look at some of the ways to make use of this platform as a service-based business.

Bring Out Your Strong Points

People follow brands and buy services because of the value they offer. What better ways to provide much-needed value than to share helpful advice with your audience?

To place yourself as an authority in your niche, share hacks, shortcuts and other information. Never overlook any topics, because not everyone understands what you know. Since you have more exposure to the industry than a lot of the people, you have more knowledge that will be useful to them.

For instance, if a user is looking for a laptop or laptop bags, you can talk about where to find the best repair services, wireless internet installation or even how different materials compare.

Use Stories

As a brand offering services, you have a few success stories in the business. Identify a few stories and share them with the audience. Your aim is to tell the audience what they can achieve when they work with you. The audience becomes inquisitive regarding how the business went down and will put you to task to give more information. This is how you start a discussion.

Split the Curtain

Just the way product-based businesses show off their product lines and meetings, you can also show a behind-the-scene process for your services. What happens when you bring a client on board? How does the whole process work from start to finish? What kind of questions do you ask and what research do you perform before you meet the client for the first time?

You can make a quick video and couple it with before and after videos of the whole process that gets a client from one point to the next. This is a great opportunity to show how your processes stand out compared to other brands in the industry. Spire gives you more tips to engage your users.

Final Thoughts

Making it big in the service industry is not as easy as the product industry. It requires more dedication and effort. This is why you find more product-based businesses online as compared to service-based business. However, if you can showcase your expertise, use stories and give the users a peek into what you do, you are sure to leave the right impact.