7 Key Elements of A Retro Theme Pool

Are you looking for ways to enjoy yourself, like to help you focus on the touch of yesterday to your backyard pool? A retro decor scheme is one of the best ways to always keep in mind your pool space, and it’s actually very easy to do! Take a look at these seven key elements of a retro-theme pool, and then put them into place in your own pool at your free hour.

Wood touches

Wood paneling was common in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s—and while you may not want this look on your walls anymore, you can certainly add it to the space surrounding your pool for a fun, retro effect. A pool with wood decking in lieu of modern pavers is a great way to do this.

Fun accents

Various colorful umbrellas and even the occasional plastic flamingo or two characterized classic pools. Bring these accents back to your pool space for a fun, whimsical atmosphere you and your guests will love.

Pops of color

As mentioned above, bold colors were very popular around the pools of yesterday so try bringing them back to your space today! Use cushions, pool towels, umbrellas, floats and more that come in bold colors like bright yellow, sky blue, and cherry red.

Unique shapes

When space allowed for it, many pools of the past would come in fun shapes such as the now-classic kidney bean. If you’re in the process of designing your pool and are looking for design inspiration, this might be a smart route to take.

Classic pool toys

Put the modern floats and tech toys away at least for now so as to help you focus and so as to achieve. For a retro-theme pool area or party, use lots of classics like simple circular floats and beach balls for your in-pool entertainment.

Throwback music

You can even change the atmosphere of your retro-theme pool with the music you choose! If you have outdoor speakers, pick a playlist full of songs you love from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s to complete the effect.

Retro swimwear

Finally, for a truly authentic “throwback” experience, why not dress the part? Pick out an old-fashion style swimsuit for a fun, new way to revisit the past and have fun in your backyard pool.

Modern technology may be what makes pool fun and maintenance so seamless—but that doesn’t make revisiting the past any less enjoyable! This summer, have fun adding retro accents to your pool and backyard space for a result your friends and family will love.