5 Instagram Growth Hacking Techniques

Thought it is hard to grow your Instagram account fast? Think again, because in this guide we are going to teach you how to do exactly that, and soon you will be able to show off to your friends. Good chance they are also active on Instagram and don’t even have half the followers that you have.

It’s all a numbers game

The first thing you want to do is a get a bot to artificially grow your followers. The next thing is to piggyback on other influences in your niche. They already have the followers that you want so that makes this a crazy efficient technique.

You do this by using hashtags. Simply enter your hashtag in the search field and pick the ones with the largest amount of posts. If the one that posted this has like 10k+ followers make sure to like their profile, and follow them as well.

Get yourself out there


Next on your list is to find photos from people and start commenting on them. Leave comments that make sense and stir controversy so that you end up in a conversation with those people. Don’t say to crazy stuff otherwise they’ll think you’re a fool and completely ignore you so use this with caution.

If you aren’t much into talking you can do the same by simply liking hundreds of photos a day, or set up a bot to do just that for you. Why make it so hard for yourself?

Get some schedule

Figure out when your fans are online and post exactly at these times, this to get as many eyeballs on your posts as possible. This is crucial as it can literally make the difference between day and night.

If you have too few followers and thus not enough data you can do a quick search in Google to find out what the optimal times in the states are, or in Europe if that’s where you are active.

Your lifestyle matters

People are there for you because they love what you do, so give them something. If your life is dull and boring you will never be able to grow your Instagram account in the way you want. So get out there. People love travel photos, especially sexy ones so go to Dubai and throw yourself at one of the many Lamborghinis and pretend you own it. Well, don’t say you own it but act like it. That’s what gives you celebrity status.

That’s it really. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself while you’re at it!